About Us

Welcome to Cozy Cottage & Co, where you will find handpicked collections of exquisite home accessories, bath & body products, apparel, stunning furniture, and unique vintage treasures. Tammy and Taryn personally curate the ambiance of the shop, ensuring a delightful fusion of styles ranging from shabby chic to modern and industrial farmhouse. Step inside and immerse yourself in the inviting warmth, charm, and character of CC & Co, where your shopping experience becomes truly exceptional.

We diligently stay updated on the latest trends in home décor, enabling us to offer our customers a diverse selection of the finest and most contemporary products available. Our dedication lies in providing a superior in-store and online customer experience. In addition to our extensive and distinctive product offerings, we take pride in surpassing your expectations with exceptional customer service.

We owe our continuous growth and success to our incredibly loyal customers and dedicated fan base. Their unwavering support has been instrumental throughout the years, allowing CC & Co to open multiple holiday stores across Northern Colorado and launch our online shopping website in 2021. We also offer interior decorating services tailored to match the cozy cottage design aesthetic our customers desire. We are deeply grateful for the support we have received from our customers, which has been pivotal in our journey.

Visit us today and immerse yourself in the beauty and allure of Cozy Cottage & Co firsthand. Discover the perfect pieces to adorn your home, create a welcoming ambiance, and bring your interior design dreams to life.



Cozy Cottage & Co. was born from the vision and dedication of Tammy and Taryn Ahlquist, an unstoppable mother-daughter duo. Their journey began three decades ago when Tammy, together with her mother, operated a similar store in Loveland. It was during this time that Tammy discovered her love for home decor and cultivated her talent for captivating displays. This passion became an inseparable part of her life, filling their family home with abundant seasonal decorations, including an impressive collection of 11 themed Christmas Trees during the holidays.

As the years went by, Tammy embarked on antique shows and set up a booth in the flea market. What started as a single booth quickly multiplied into six, eventually transforming into their renowned "Barn Sale" hosted at their family home. Taryn, observing her mother's dedication, eagerly joined in and began assisting with these shows and sales.

In 2008, the duo decided to take a leap and open a temporary storefront at Centerra in Loveland. However, their venture proved to be so successful that the "temporary" store soon became a permanent fixture, marking the beginning of a remarkable chapter in their lives. Taryn initially started as a sales associate, but her passion for creative displays propelled her forward. Within a year, she assumed the role of visual merchandising manager, then transitioned to become a buyer, and ultimately became a partner in Cozy Cottage & Co.

Today, Tammy and Taryn collaborate closely, handpicking products and curating the store's aesthetics together. They work side by side almost every day, sharing their passion and enjoying each other's company even beyond business hours. For them, the experience couldn't be any more fulfilling or rewarding.